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Today's EMULATION News:

As I do work on Orbiter Online's web site (continuously), I update my personal site occastionally with nifty little tidbits, such as the webcam above, or the many pictures and music files you'll find later in this page. You can always email me your thoughts about my labor anytime.

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[ Jamie and I ] I'm Anthony Malena, owner and operator of Orbiter Online. Pictured is my wife and I, before we were married (on our second date actually) at a miniature golf course (she was quite flirtatious that night). We were married July 30th, 1988, in Monrovia, California. Our kids are shown in blocks below. We moved to Daytona Beach a few years ago and have been here ever since.

[ Orbiter Online ]Orbiter Online is Daytona Beach's (actually Volusia County's) largest privately-owned online service. We offer a lot of functionality for little or no money. We've been up and running since November 1994 and plan to continue growing and expanding as time goes on and money becomes available.

[ My Daughters ] Here are my daughters, Amanda and Daniella. Born in 1990 and 1989 respectively, they're a bundle of energy and (as is expected of a true Malena) attitude. They're both quite smart and tend to show it a little too often. They've got the best(?) of both mom and dad in them.

Orbiter Online

Visit my labor of love. Orbiter can be reached at this link. You can also see who's online or view our user web pages.

Feel free to connect to Orbiter via Telnet or Worldgroup.

[ My Sons ] Here's Anthony and Christopher, born in 1991 and 1993. They're quite a handful. They won't stop - doesn't matter what it is, they just don't stop, even when they're supposed to. To call them energetic and enthusiastic is a severe understatement. They love Nintendo64 and tend to be quite sneaky (but not beyond my ability to catch them - yet).

Click here for information on the defunct FerretCam (sad story...)

A tiny subset of the many links I visit frequently are compiled here. Feel free to check the list and visit some of them.

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By the way, thank you for bringing my hit count up to . Come back occasionally as I add or change the content.

If you don't think the web can be of any "danger" to you or your computer, watch how easily the contents of your computer can be seen by software on the web (and this is without even using any fancy Java, CGI or other software). Thankfully newer version of the widely used web browsers now default to at least WARNING you when you click this now.

Play a game of UFO Attack (if you are fully JAVA-compliant)!

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