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  Fredwick.Com     Fred Weston has created a myriad of websites over the years, both personal and business related. This is his current personal site, complete with journal and many pictures and thoughts to share with the public. He hosts it at various places, including his own home sometimes, so if the link does not work at the moment, try again later. His thoughts can be very... sobering.

  MarkRobb.Com     Mark and his family put up their website, with a christian motif and online journal as well. He posts pictures and information related to his beliefs regularly. Visit his site and take a look at what he has to share.

  Wheeler.Freeservers.Com     Keith Wheeler, a co-worker of mine, has his website up and running. Don't mind the music in the background. He's working on the site slowly but surely.

  MySite.Verizon.Net/res8xw4k     John Rigali's website -- a friend from my junior high and high school years. Someone who shared my interest in both comic art/stories and in computers.


  Orbiter.Com     Orbiter Online began in 1994 as the Daytona Beach area's largest and best local online service. Twenty phone lines, internet access, chat, forums and many multiplayer games are part of it's legacy. Many other local services came and went, but Orbiter (in some form) has been here since it's conception, and will hopefully continue to prosper.
  Malena.Net     As Orbiter grew in popularity, it was obvious that I needed to have a domain for my own family, and thus Malena.Net was born. I could not obtain Malena.Com (it was, and probably still is, owned by a Russian company who has been trying to sell it for $2000 for several years now). This is the repository of all media and related information about my immediate family.
  MyLoveAlways.Com     By way of various circumstances and life-changing events, my heart lead me to build MyLoveAlways, a website which is dedicated to a wonderful woman who I refer to simply as "Bright Eyes". The site was (and is) a source of inspiration for myself, and for others who to this very day still occasionally email me.
  WindsorHillOnline.Com     Windsor Hill is the community where I currently reside here in Port Orange, Florida, with my children. I offered to host a website for them for free, and this is it. The intention is for someone to build a more indepth site in the future.
  ROMSpacknight.Com     When I started collecting comics sometime around 4th grade, ROM was one of the first titles I ever picked up at the local 7-Eleven store. It became by far my favorite series of all time. Sure, things like The Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns have come and gone, but ROM was a character with depth and awesome stories -- all taken from a failed kid's toy by a similar name.


  RedVsBlue.Com     This site introduced me officially to the concept of "machinima" (an amalgam of machine and anime). The folks at Red vs Blue are simply ingenious. They took the consumate XBox game, Halo, and made a comedy series of it (now in it's third season). It caught on so well that Electronic Arts has "hired"(?) them to do "The Strangerhood", a spoof of The Sims 2, using the game engine from that software. Be sure to visit their umbrella site, Rooster Teeth Productions.

  ComicsContinuum.Com     This site is updated every week day with the latest comic industry news. Marvel, DC, Image, everything under the sun, plus anything remotely comics related (movies, magazines, television). Check it out...

  DarkHorizons.Com     This site is based in Australia, and has tons of movie and television series scoops and rumors posted almost every day. A very honest and upfront website operator always makes it clear if something is rumor, fact or if an error has been posted previously. You can easily get sucked into this site after visiting it just once.

  TrekWeb.Com     The ultimate unofficial website for anything Gene Roddenberry related, mostly Star Trek, including The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise, as well as information related to Andromeda, Earth Final Conflict and others!
  STNG.36el.Com     A truly awesome sight detailing every possible tidbit of information regarding Star Trek: The Next Generation. If you need to know anything about STTNG, this is the site to find it on!

  Midwinter.Com     A complete resource for Babylon 5 and related shows created by JMS. Every episode catalogued along with comments by the shows creator, as well as links to other resources. There is no better source for Babylon 5 information than this site.

  SciFi.Com     The SciFi Channel's official website. Tons of links to online movies, episode information, actor biographies, industry rumors, online animated and live series, and much more!

  ArcadeAtHome.Com     Arcade game emulation is a hot topic on the web these days, especially for older games from the eighties and nineties which can be hard to find. MAME and other utilities are available for playing these games on your home computer! Arcade At Home is a great website which also hosts a great menu program that allows you to easily keep and run these "ROM images" of thousands of arcade games.

  MAME.net     The emulator that set the arcade scene on it's heels! This emulator, along with ROM "images" of the actual hardware used in arcade games from time past, allows you to play *the* arcade game you loved and remember -- not a variation, not a ported version for Windows or Macintosh or Linux.. the actual arcade game!

  Geeks.com     Shopping for computer parts, or want to get a good deal on a techy-toy-closeout? Visit Geeks.Com (also known as CompGeeks.Com) frequently! They are constantly selling über-geek items at extremely low prices!

  Slashdot.Org     The quintessential site for the techno-junkie. Slashdot offers a constant flow of news and information that appeals to the cyber junkie, linux guru, and computer geek alike.

  VE3d.Com     Voodoo Extreme 3D offers constantly updated information on games -- whether it's for your computer or your console entertainment system -- including inside scoops, game reviews, hardware links and a lot more.

  SpamHaus.Org     Among other services (I use many - loads up my mail server, but I get EXTREMELY few spams now), I use SpamHaus. This link shows you the "top spammers" in the world as they are currently known. Great service, especially their combo SBL+XBL listing!

  RealLifeComics.Com     A website about "real life", but with a game-geek twist. It's pretty funny and is a nice diversion each day.

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