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Information Systems and Data Processing environments


A child of the computer-revolution, my diverse history in the computer field has allowed me to learn and adapt to all situations. My goals are to continue the course, expanding my knowledge in a variety of technology driven endeavors, while at the same time being an important part of the corporate machine to which I belong.

I have a wide variety of tools available, both mental and material, am a valuable part of any team I join, and have trained and managed a variety of people, both novice and experienced.

Feel free to contact me to discuss the future!


CFS Logo Cunningham Research Group
Ormond Beach, Florida

1997 to PRESENT
A full-service market research firm with a nationwide network of interviewing locations equipped with a wide variety of facilities for paper, CAPI, CATI, focus groups and more.

  • Management of all personnel in department and coordination of efforts will all other departments and nationwide locations
  • First company to integrate the MI PRO survey platform in the United States
  • Extensive survey programming using SPSS Quancept for a wide variety of clients
  • Data manipulation and formatting for various formats based on need (80 Column Card, single-line ASCII, Column Binary, Excel, comma-delimited, etc)
  • Data entry of paper surveys, including verbatims and open end coding
  • Creation of mechanisms for various special needs, including:   diskette routines (for running jobs at other agencies), CD-ROM routines, USB Pen Drive routines, data collection routines, specialized data consolidation methods, formalizing data formats for specific clients and tools to produce data quickly and accurately, and much more
  • Creation and oversight of 'confidata' mechanisms currently employed by company and it's clients - enables full validation via phone, database lookup, timing and Sigma verification
  • Coordination with, and in many cases, oversight of personnel from other departments for various projects
  • Transfer of programs and job data to and from various nationwide sites (company-owned and third party)
  • Extensive use of Microsoft Excel and VBA for specialized data manipulation requirements for various clients
  • Visual Basic, VBA and JavaScript programming performed for various internal mechanisms
  • Integration of new technology into daily use (including evaluation of MI Pro, Net-MR, Oasis 2, Quancept, Quantum, SPSS and other client-proprietary products)
  • Installation and maintenance of all software and server applications used
  • Upgrade and repair of all PCs used in the department
  • Responsible and/or involved in major software purchases for both the department and the corporation as a whole
  • Windows NT and 2000 server administration (department and corporate levels)
  • Involvement in networking related issue resolution (LAN and WAN)
  • Personally developed and maintain over 95% of the data processing mechanisms used since the department was created in 1998

    Former position:   Data Processing Supervisor
    Former position:   Information Systems Technical Support

Orbiter Online Logo Orbiter Online Internet And Entertainment Service
Daytona Beach, Florida

1994 to PRESENT
Local internet service, paid for by donations from users. Supplies the community with online games, internet access and web hosting for very little or no cost.

  • Local online service provider for games (local and nationwide), teleconference, discussion forums and internet access (web, telnet, irc, etc)
  • Accounting, software installation and maintenance, and all hardware assembly
  • Setup of websites and access mechanism sprovided for hosted domains
  • Own and maintain:
  • Own and maintain:
  • Own and maintain:
  • Several other past and present web sites owned, maintained and hosted (available upon request)

    Contact/Reference:   Self

I-CARE Logo Independent Child Abuse Relief Enterprises
Daytona Beach, Florida

1993 to 1999
A locally-based center dedicated to the treatment of sexually, physically and emotionally abused children, and juvenille offenders. Funded by federal, state and local sources.

  • Extensive dBase programming and maintenance
  • Entry and reporting of all agency data to various funding sources
  • Technical support for computer issues within the agency, including satellite offices
  • Consultant for computer hardware and software purchases
  • Contact/Reference:   Darlene Stewart

GE Logo General Electric - Aerospace Division
Daytona Beach, Florida

1991 to 1992
A worldwide aerospace research and development firm, specializing in simulations (flight, combat, etc).

  • Worked closely with joint effort between GE and Loral on $1.2 billion Close Combat Technical Trainer (CCTT) proposal for the US Government
  • Extensive Microsoft Excel work, including charts, tables and proposal statistics for various components and their associated cost estimates
  • Extensive Microsoft Word work, helping to assemble hundreds of pages of support documents for the proprosal
  • Helped maintain 24 hour network between Florida and California offices of both companies
  • Minor graphics work, flowcharting and inter-company correspondence
  • Originally a two month assignment -- developed into a fourteen month commitment due to availability, reliability and versatility
  • Contact/Reference:   Chris Wright or Andre Elias


Computer Programming and related
  • MI PRO Web / CAPI / CATI Platform
  • SPSS Quancept CAPI / CATI / Web Platform
  • SPSS Quantum Data Cleaning
  • Microtab Data Entry Management
  • dbase III and IV
  • HTML
  • (minor) Microsoft Visual Basic
  • (minor) Microsoft VBA
  • (minor) Microsoft VB Script and ASP
  • (minor) JavaScript
  • (minor) Microsoft SQL
  • (minor) SPSS Quantum Tabs
  • (minor) Opinion One Oasis2
  • (minor) GMI NetCAPI
  • (minor) Hyperquest
  • (minor) SPSS v9

Computer Applications and Environments
  • Microsoft Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT4 / 2000 / XP
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft DOS (all versions)
  • TCP/IP, IPX, and Microsoft networking
  • UltraEdit
  • Wide variety of everyday software packages spanning several versions
  • (minor) Macintosh OS
  • (minor) Microsoft Powerpoint

Other Skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Clear and detailed communication capabilities
  • High level of dedication and desire to complete tasks
  • Constantly expanding knowledgebase
  • Always willing to take the extra steps needed to accomplish goals
  • Able to direct and guide co-workers as needed, while answering to those in command
  • Problem-solver, solution-inventer and extremely detail-oriented
  • Highly accurate and fast typing skills


Duarte High School   and
Calvary Road Christian Academy

Duarte/Monrovia, CA

Graduated 1986. Special interests included computer programming, band, orchestra and choir.

Citrus Community College
Glendora, CA

Attended classes at various points during junior high and high school, taking predominately computer-related courses.

BrainBench Certifications

Several certifications by way of extensive testing, ranging from Programming and Networking to Analytical Thinking to English Language.

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