This website offers an indepth look at the Malena family, including pictures, information, a journal and much more.   I own and operate both this site and Orbiter Online, the online service I have owned and operated since 1994.

The internet and the BBS community before it have been an important part of my life since my parents bought my first computer (a TRS-80 Model I 4k computer back in the late 1970s) and I dialed up for the first time at a whopping 300 baud.

I am a native of the Los Angeles, California vicinity (specifically Monrovia/Duarte).   I moved to Florida with my family in 1991 and have been here ever since.

My family and I hope that you find this site interesting and will mention it to your fellow internet travelers.   It gives me and my family a place where other family members, friends, and perhaps those who are to be "future friends", can see what is going on in our lives and allows for an easy way to get ahold of us.

I am the parent of the four greatest children in the world:   Daniella Lorraine, Amanda Cathryn, Anthony Martin and Christopher Michael -- and live in Port Orange, where I also maintain the website for our community -- Windsor Hill .

The picture and journal links are kept up-to-date the most, if you are looking for "active content".

The Pictures are both old pictures that have been scanned, as well as recently taken digital pictures.   The journal offers insite into family happenings and my thoughts on life, the universe and everything.

Here are links to the old site, an older site and an even older incarnation of this website.

Other links on our site, which evolve over time, offer a variety of insights into the world of The Malena Family, including hobbies and various happenings.

This website is maintained by me personally, using a text editor (the way websites should be written, not using some silly crutch like FrontPage), and is the sole property of my family.   Feel free to link to it, but do not take liberty with it's content.   If you wish to use any significant portion of it's content, I would appreciate it if you would simply ask.

Thanks for stopping by.   Be sure to visit again soon and see our latest pictures and journal entries!

Your host,
Anthony Malena

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