Malena Family Recipes

There are a few recipes that I know, a few that I am learning, and others that I just plain love which I am making this page for. I will be giving credit where it is due and where I know the originator of the recipe.

Recipe List

This recipe was created from scratch by me as none existed (not even on the 'net). It was fed to me by both my nana and my mother over the years, but no one has ever documented it. I have created it from scratch, modified it for my tastes, and here it is. If rumors are true, this recipe was enjoyed by the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy.

This is my own recipe for meatballs. Real ones, the size of your fist. Meatballs that stay with you, that can sit proudly on top of a pile of spaghetti or in a grinder (sub, hoagie, etc).

This is the beginnings of my own stew recipe.

I love salsa -- anyone who goes to Chili's Grill and Bar with me knows this -- so I finally took the time to compile a recipe for salsa at home!

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